What is a Complex Circuit?

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Resistors in complex circuits are always connected in a complicated way. Complex circuits also contain more than one source of electromotive force or pure voltage source. Moreover, they cannot be solved by using series and parallel combinations.

Gustav Kirchhoff developed two laws that are used in tackling complex circuits. Kirchhoff's first law is known as the conservation of charge, which states that the total current entering a node is equal to the total current exiting the node. His second law is called as the conservation of energy, which says that the total voltage in a closed loop is equal to the sum of all the voltage in the same loop.

Ohm's law is an equation used in the study of electric circuits. It states that the electric potential difference between two points on a circuit is equal to the product of the current between those two points and the total resistance of all electrical devices present between those two points. However, it cannot be applied to complex circuits due to the inability of the circuits to be simplified.

Complex Circuit  

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