What is the Right Soldering Temperature?

Dated:2016-09-20      Popularity:1157

Soldering Iron

The right soldering temperature is something that always ignored. But, have you ever confused what is the right soldering temperature in various situations? Our suggestion is that you have to get the solder joint hot enough to melt the solder. Most solder melts around 180 to 190 degrees Celsius equals to 360 to 370 degrees Fahrenheit. So we have to get the solder joint hotter than this.

There are few things that will impact the soldering temperature that you need on your soldering iron. If you have a high effect soldering iron with a large soldering tip, you don’t need that high temperature, maybe 250 degrees Celsius is enough. But if you are using a low effect iron with a small, tiny soldering tip which transfers heat badly, you need a higher temperature like 400 degrees Celsius. If you have a huge solder joint, you will need a higher temperature than if you have tiny, small solder joint.

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