What's the Future of the PCB?

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PCBs are the cornerstone of almost all modern electronics, and they are penetrating into the rest of the field. So what is the future of the PCB? We can easily see that PCBs are much shrinking in order to meet the increasingly intense demand for thinner, lighter, and more powerful electronics. Currently they’re largely designed to carry electrical current, but what if they could take a more active role? 

As technology develops so fast, it is vastly more efficient to have components integrated into the PCB because travel time for currents can be reduced, and even more importantly manufacturers will be able to cut down on wasted space within their designs. We are rapidly approaching the point where PCB optimization is critical to creating good devices.

Additionally, PCBs can be flexible, transparent, and durable. There flex and rigid flex PCBs as well three dimensional PCBs. There are also rolled flex boards that can be up to 30 feet long. There are also very sophisticated PCBs. This is just another innovation which will allow for smaller and more efficient PCBs. 

In summary, PCBs will continue get faster, smaller, and more efficient in the short term, but what is in store for us longer term? Here is a safe bet, things will get smaller and more complex. 


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