Why Are There Few 'Younger' PCB Designers?

Dated:2017-01-19      Popularity:1397

Have you ever noticed that there are few young men and women working in PCB industry? Where are all the PCB young bloods? Why aren’t they entering the industry in the numbers they did in the past?

Most US citizens are likely to blame China for their slash domestic industry, but it seems that hardly can we attract young people engaged in the PCB industry. The US seems to undergo a harder time today than a generation ago appealing young people to work in a manufacturing career. 

Besides, PCB design is a very low profile profession. Rarely do we meet anyone who has the slightest clue what PCB design is. You can easily found that there has never been any valid educational opportunity focused on PCB Design. Except that, PCB design software vendors as a general rule do not offer any cost effective training for young designers, no student versions of their software or reduced/free hands on training opportunities. And the economy over the last 15 years has not encouraged companies to spend on new products. 

All the above points cause the current bad situation. Maybe there is still hope, but it will require the active cooperation of every part of the industry.


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