Why Most Printed Circuit Boards are Green

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Green PCB Board

Green PCB color is the PCB solder mask, the main ingredient of which is resin, talcum powder and pigments. Of course PCBs have other colors, such as red, yellow, black, etc. But green PCB color is the most widely used. The reasons for this are listed as follows:

Reason 1: In general, the entire electronic board product must go through the board fabrication process and SMT process. During the PCB fabrication process, there are several steps happened in the yellow room. Green has better visual effects in the yellow room. During SMT soldering process, optically aligned are needed in the process of tin fabrication, SMT, and AOI.

Reason 2: Common PCB boards are red, yellow, green, blue, and black.

During the circuit board fabrication process, many steps are still dependant on the human eyes for checking (of course, most of them use flying probes for testing now). It is a very tiring job for workers to carefully check the board with strong light. Green is relatively the most eye-friendly, so most PCBs use green solder mask.

Reason 3: Blue and black are doped with cobalt and carbon respectively, which have a certain degree of conductivity, so there is a risk of short circuit. The green PCB solder mask is more environment-friendly and does not release toxic gases when used in high temperature environments.

EPCB hope this news is useful for your printed circuit board design.

PCB Board  

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