Why PCB Price Goes Up in 2016?

Dated:2016-12-07      Popularity:1574

Copper Foil

You can find most PCB suppliers in China have increased their PCB prices this year especially after July. The reason is because copper clad laminate (CCL) material is short. The upstream copper foil supply difficulty makes the CCL manufacturers increasing prices, which leads to PCB manufacturers increasing their PCB prices. 

But what makes CCL shortage? The main reason is the copper foil for manufacturing CCL is becoming less and less. The global copper foil productivity is limit, but with the development and increasing demand of new energy vehicles, more and more copper foil are used to produce Lithium battery. It is indirectly reduce the supply for PCB industry. Another reason is the demand of terminal market is increasing, which consumed more CCL.

PCB prices are expected to increase till the end of 2017 at least. Here, Shanghai EPCB promises that we still provide you all with best prices. 


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