Why PCB Prototype is So Useful?

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As we all know, it is a long way between idea and product being ready for manufacturing. First you will go through design, engineering, next prototyping, and then manufacturing. Prototyping is a necessary way to guarantee PCB board’s quality. In this article, we will explain several advantages of PCB prototyping as follows: 

Verify components compatibility between each other: As you may have chosen some components in your electronic bill of material, having them to be tested individually may help to make sure the PCBA will work properly.

Testing PCB board: As components being tested in real situation, it allows you to determinate what are tolerances and threshold on your components. Testing is the most important part of prototyping post activities because it aims to validate engineering against specifications.

Pre-certify your board: As your PCBA is assembled and almost as similar as your future production one, you can perform pre-certification with your PCBA prototype against different standard.

Testing embedded software core function: Passing from simulator or emulator to real world semiconductor real time operating system will allow you to test the core function of your system in real time on real board. Keep in mind that simulator and emulator are useful but since they are approximating, they will never replace a real system in live.

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PCB Prototype  

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