Why PCB Prototype is Useful?

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As we all know, it is a long way between idea and product being ready for manufacturing. First you will go through design, engineering, next prototyping, and then manufacturing. Prototyping is a necessary way to guarantee PCB board’s quality. In this article, we will explain several advantages of PCB prototyping as follows: 

Debug your embedded software: As you may test your system, you may find out some issues or some bug. Connect your prototype to your computer to debug your embedded software and fine tune your system to stick with your requirement.

Heat dissipation: It is unavoidable that most electronic components are dissipating heat when they are running. We should take thermal into consideration because it can influence PCB’s life cycle and performance. If your components are working hard, it might heat up quite a lot. Then if your enclosure is too tight to dissipate this heat timely, your chip and other components might endure improper temperature. 

Spacing and interference: Normally, your mechanical engineer performing part modeling and assembly in CAD should have received your PCBA 3D CAD from your electronic hardware engineer after PCB layout to be done. Hence, your mechanical engineer should have integrated the volume and spacing of your PCBA in the enclosure of your product, making sure your PCBA can fit perfectly into it. Prototyping allow to verify this point, and particularly to verify tolerances and margin gap between parts. 

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