Why Send PCB Gerber File to PCB Manufacturer

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PCB Gerber file is a common format of the file, which is a collection of document formats used by printed circuit board industry software to describe circuit boards (layers, solder masks, legend layers, etc.), images, and drilling and milling data. The PCB Gerber format can be divided into RS-274X (extended Gerber) and RS-274D (standard Gerber). The Gerber format was originally developed by Gerber company and belongs to Ucamco company now. Gerber format is the standard format for image conversion in the PCB board industry.

Most engineers are accustomed to send PCB files directly after designing PCB files. However, the more popular international practice is to convert the PCB files into Gerber files and drill data and submit them to the PCB manufacturer. Why do they have to do this?

That’s because electronics engineers and PCB engineers have different understandings of the PCB, the Gerber file converted from the PCB manufacturer may be not what you want. For example, if you define the parameters of the components in the PCB file at design time, and you do not want to display these parameters in the finished PCB product, but you did not specify that to the PCB manufacturer, finally you will find that these parameters are made on the finished PCB products. If you convert your PCB files to Gerber files yourself, you can avoid such events.

How to check the correctness of the generated Gerber file? You just need to import these Gerber files and D code files in the free software Viewmate V6.3, you can see it on the screen or print it out.

Drilling data can also be generated by various CAD software. The general format is Excellon, which can also be displayed in Viewmate. Without drilling data, of course, no PCB boards can be fabricated.

EPCB hope this article can help you a lot for your next PCB design.

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