Why Use Surface Mount Devices?

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SMDs have improved performance over through-hole components due to their smaller size, shorter internal leads, and smaller board layouts. SMDs can also be more cost effective than traditional through-hole components due to the smaller board size, fewer board layers, and fewer holes. Besides, they are easier for people to replace than through-hole components on multilayer boards. The reason is because it is very difficult to heat the long hole on a multilayer board, but much easier to heat just the pad and component terminal of an SMD on the surface of a board. SMD components have a variety of advantages than through-hole components. 
1. The cost of surface-mount devices can lower 30%~50% than other technologies from saving materials, energy, equipment, labor, time, etc.
2. SMD has good high-frequency performance which can largely reduce the interference of radio-frequency and electromagnetism. 
3. SMD is more reliable that it has high resistance capability, and low soldering defect rate. 
4. Products are always 40%~60% smaller and 60%~80% lighter than using other methods. 

SMDs  Advantages  

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