Why Use Zero-Ohm Resistors?

Dated:2016-11-23      Popularity:1418

Zero-Ohm Resistors

Since a resistor only has little resistance that can be ignored, why we still use zero-ohm resistors instead of jumper wires. Let EPCB tell you that is because components in most printed circuit boards are inserted by automatic insertion machines instead of by workers now. Though automatic machines can largely reduce the labor cost and improve the working efficient, automatic insertion machines can only handle components such as resistors. 

Compared to jumper wires, zero-ohm resistors are more ideal because they can be more easily removed. Suppose you want to make some changes suddenly, the zero-ohm resistor could be removed easily and quickly and a new component be put in its place without any trouble.

If you are just simply breadboarding with electronics, you won't need to use or be familiar with zero-ohm resistors, because you can use jumper wires instead. However, if you get more serious, and you want to turn the breadboard prototype into a professional printed circuit board, you’d better use zero-ohm resistor instead of those jumper wires.


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