Wire Types

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Several wire types are frequently used by us, here we will respectively explain them.

Stranded Wire: It is comprised of a number of individual strands of copper. Stranded wire tends to be a better conductor than solid-core wire because the individual wires together comprise a greater surface area, which allows current a larger path to travel through. It will not be broken easily when flexed or bent. 

Pretinned Solid Bus Wire: It is used for hobby projects, preparing printed circuit boards, and other applications where small bare-ended wires are needed. This wire includes a tin-lead alloy to enhance solderability and is usually insulated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene, or Teflon. 

Magnetic Wire: It is used for building coils and electromagnets or anything that requires a large number of loops, such as a tuning element in a radio receiver. Magnetic wire is built of solid-core wire and is insulated by a varnish coating. Typical wire sizes run from 22 to 20 gauge.

Speaker Wire: It is used for connections with speakers. It hooks up to the positive and negative terminals of the speakers. Speaker wires have a high copper content for great conduction ability. The speaker wires are stranded which increases the surface area of the wires which allows for better current flow.

Braided Wire: It is made up of a number of individual strands of wire braided together. Like stranded wires, these wires are better conductors than solid-core wires, because of the larger surface area due to the multiple wires. Also, they do not break away easily when flexed back and forth due to the multiple wires and the strength of the braid. Braided wires are frequently used as an electromagnetic shield in noise-reduction cables and also may act as a wire conductor within the cable, for example, in coaxial cables.


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