Wiring Design Specifications

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To be a qualified staff in PCB industry, you have to learn wiring specifications well. EPCB lists some design specifications as follows that must keep in mind.

1. Angle less than 90° should be avoided in the line, while 90°, 45° should be used to trace.

2. High-frequency signal should be designed as short as possible.

3. Use input and output signals to avoid adjacent parallel lines.

4. To improve noise immunity, design dual panel power lines and ground to suit the data flow.

5. Digital ground, analog ground should be separated. To match the impedance, you should take the impedance feature when designing the width of high-frequency signal line. 

6. Block board wiring and drilling should be uniform.

7. Separate power and ground planes; power lines should be thicker and shorter; loop power supply should be as small as possible.

8. Two spot pitch is too small to be directly connected between the pads.

9. The clock wiring should be less played the hole, try to avoid other signal lines, and away from the general signal line to avoid interference with the signal line.

10. To prevent high-frequency clock output coupled to the cable line and transmitted, you should avoid designing near the clock line output interface.

Wiring Design  

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