Zero-Ohm Resistors

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A Zero-Ohm Resistor

A zero-ohm resistor is a resistor that almost has no resistance at all, that’s why its resistance is near 0 ohm.

A zero-ohm resistor can be wire wound or surface mount. As a surface mount resistor, it is a zero-ohm resistor. As wire wound resistors, there will be a single black color band around the body of the resistor as shown in the above image.

Zero-ohm resistors are available in 1/8W and 1/4W power ratings. Of course, a zero-ohm resistor doesn’t mean completely zero resistance, that’s because the material it is made up of has some internal resistance, though the actual resistance is so small that can almost be ignored. The actual resistance of a 1/8W zero-ohm resistor is about 0.004Ω, whereas a 1/4W zero-ohm resistor may have a 0.003Ω resistance. 


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