iPhone Will be Equipped With Faster PCB Board

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'A faster and more versatile circuit board technology is under development by Apple, which is expected to be applied in 2018 in their product line.’ said by KGI Securities analyst Guo Mingchi on his latest investment report released by at December 4.

iPhone8 and iPhoneX are currently using a new circuit board made of liquid crystal polymer. Both of these phones use this board in antenna designs, and iPhoneX is also used in TrueDepth cameras.

Apple's LCPF PCB technology enables high-speed, low-latency data transfer, and is used in the antenna design of iPhoneX and iPhone8. Currently, Apple is working with Careeer, and plans to integrate the technology into the MacBook product line.

Guo Mingchi said, ‘In order to meet future design requirements like save more internal space, and be able to accommodate data transfer metrics upgrade such as USB3.2, we think Apple is working with its MacBook's FPCB provider Career to explore the LCBF PCB design for the future MacBook model.’

Apple can take this to save a certain amount of internal space, which makes it easier to use USB3.2 and other interfaces. 

As to Apple Watch, Apple believes they are working with Career to develop the LCBP antenna design for compatibility with LTE networks. The current Apple Watch LTE antenna is based on PI technology.

In addition, Guo Mingchi also pointed out that the LCPF PCB design and production will be very challenging. Thus Apple can gain one year benefit, because competitors may not integrate this technology until 2019.

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