iPhoneX Screen PCB Problem

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Not long ago, some media reported that there’s a problem appeared on the newly-marketed Apple's iPhoneX. As the northern hemisphere entered into the cold winter, the iPhoneX experienced screen-edge failures in some of the colder temperatures.

Early in the morning of November 17th, Apple released the official version of IOS11.1.2 urgently, fixing the problem that the iPhoneX screen could not respond to the touch temporarily due to the fast cooling. It is said that Apple conducted a series of close investigations of supply chain manufacturers after the problems appeared.

Recently, it is reported that Apple is investigating iPhoneX's "frozen" issue. Interflex, which is Apple's flexible printed circuit board supplier in South Korea, discontinued currently to cooperate with the investigation. Affected by this incident, Interflex's stock continued to fall, and the stock price has dropped by about 30%.

Interflex's RF PCB board is an important part of the cell phone connected to the screen, so the problem is most likely to start on the RF PCB board. However, Apple and the company did not publish any specific findings on the issue. The company is currently out of production, and Apple's orders for such circuit boards turned to Taiwanese suppliers. 

It is understood that, iPhoneX uses the OLED screen mainly purchased from Samsung, and Apple's requirement for this supply chain has also been very high. Even word came that OLED screen level and specifications provided by Samsung are even more better than Samsung's own flagship product. But nobody had expected that touch failures happened occasionally only a few days after the product launch. Though software solved this problem, Apple still changed its RFPCB provider. 

So far no users have reflected issues after updating the IOS11.1.2 version.


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