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PCB News

Printed Circuit Board Wiring Principles 2018-03-31

Tag: PCB Design

Generally, PCB design flow is as follows: preliminary preparation, PCB structure design, PCB layout, PCB wiring, wiring optimization and silkscreen, network and DRC inspection and structure check, PCB fabrication.

Vias on Multilayer Printed Circuit Board 2018-03-30

Tag: Multilayer PCB

Multilayer PCBs are designed to accommodate complex circuits.

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards 2018-03-30

Tag: Flexible PCB

In recent years, flexible circuit boards (FPCs) have become one of the fastest growing sub-sectors in the printed circuit board industry.

Printed Circuit Board Industry Seminar 2018-03-29

Tag: PCB Industry

According to Taiwan media reports, the Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA) held the "Outlook 2018 PCB Industry Key Trends Seminar".

Considerations for PCB Board Design 2018-03-29

Tag: PCB Design

In high-speed analog signal chain design, printed circuit board (PCB) wring and layout require careful considerations.

Printed Circuit Board Etching Process 2018-03-28

Tag: PCB Etching

​At present, pattern plating is the typical PCB etching process during the whole printed circuit board (PCB) production.

PCB Plug Hole 2018-03-28

Tag: PCB Design

If the diameter of a PCB hole is less than 0.50mm, it always regards as a via by PCB engineering design tool.

Surface Finish Processes of Printed Circuit Board 2018-03-27

Tag: PCB Surface Finish

​The most basic purpose of PCB surface finish is to ensure good solderability and electrical properties.

How to Generate PCB Gerber File 2018-03-27

Tag: PCB Gerber File

​PCB Gerber file is really important for PCB manufacturers.

Simulation Analysis for PCB Design 2018-03-26

Tag: PCB Board Design

​With the rapid development of PCB high-speed signal design, electronic circuit design faces more complicated challenges.

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