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PCB News

PCB Trace Width 2018-02-01

Tag: PCB Board Trace WidthPCB Design

An important factor of the PCB design is the PCB trace width which needs to meet the current requirements of the circuit and accept increased PCB temperature.

5G Fosters the Development of PCB Industry 2018-01-31

Tag: PCB Board IndustryPCB Market

​With the escalating upgrade of intergenerational communication, 5G will foster a further development to PCB industry and prosper the PCB market.

How to Repair PCB Conformal Coating 2018-01-31

Tag: PCB Board Conformal Coating

PCB conformal coating is generally the last step of PCB assembly process.

Why Most PCB Transmission Line is 50 Ohms 2018-01-30

Tag: PCB Board LinePCB Layout

Why do so many engineers use 50 ohm PCB transmission lines, sometimes this becomes the default PCB wiring layout.

Solution to PCB Laminate Problems 2018-01-30

Tag: PCB Board Laminate

Here are some solutions to several common PCB laminate problems​ you may encounter.

Manual Or Machine PCB Prototype 2018-01-29

Tag: PCB Prototyping

When you are building a complete embedded system with tiny pitch footprint and hundreds of components, you know there is no choice but to choose a machine PCB prototype.

Tips for PCB Package 2018-01-29

Tag: PCB PackagingPCB Designer

PCB designers who have designed a hardware may have done their own component or module package.

PCB Conformal Coating Applications 2018-01-28

Tag: PCB Board Conformal Coating

Thanks to the PCB conformal coating​, PCB assembly can extend the storage time.

PCB Solder Mask Material 2018-01-27

Tag: Solder MaskPCB Material

Printed circuit boards often have very closed space traces of copper and component pads.

Best Practice for Advanced PCB Design 2018-01-26

Tag: PCB Board DesignPCB Layout

The idea of designing a simple LED is very different from a full-featured embedded controller with high-speed connectivity such as USB or Ethernet.

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