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PCB News

Tips for Printed Circuit Board Panelization 2018-03-20

Tag: PCB Panelization

PCB panelization is a very important issue, which can influence the PCB board quality standard and PCB production cost.

Calculate PCB Trace Current Accurately 2018-03-19

Tag: PCB Trace Capacity

One of the biggest mistakes is not to calculate or even consider the PCB trace current​ in the PCB design.

Multilayer PCB Design With Eagle 2018-03-19

Tag: PCB Board Design

Multilayer PCBs are the perfect solution for high density and complex circuit prototypes.

Shielding and Grounding of PCB Wiring 2018-03-18

Tag: PCB Wiring Design

The common ground of PCB wiring​ should be arranged as far as possible on the edge of the printed circuit board.

How to be a Leading PCBA Supplier 2018-03-17

Tag: PCBA SupplierPCB Assembly

As a PCBA supplier​, it would be a mistake to send a quotation and wait for a deal.

PCB Design Considerations 2018-03-16

Tag: PCB Board Design

Printed circuit board (PCB) design refers to design the circuit layout as per the design principles so as to produce PCB boards at the lowest possible cost.

Different Manufacturing Processes of PCB Pad 2 2018-03-16

Tag: PCB Manufacturing

What are the effects and requirements of different PCB manufacturing processes on the pads?

Width of PCB Wiring 2018-03-15

Tag: PCB Wiring Design

The layout of PCB wiring should be as short as possible, especially in high-frequency loops.

PCB Solder Paste Stencil 2018-03-15

Tag: PCB Stencil

The sole purpose of the PCB stencil is to transfer the solder paste to a bare circuit board.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Process 2018-03-14

Tag: PCB Manufacturing Process

This article would like to discuss different types of industrial PCB manufacturing process​.

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