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PCB News

Standard PCB Thickness 2018-02-07

Tag: PCB Board Thickness

Despite the large number of PCB manufacturers, PCB types or manufacturing methods, there are some internationally accepted standard PCB thicknesses.

Common Mode Choke 2018-02-06

Tag: PCB Common Mode ChokePCB Design

In PCB design, the common mode inductor also acts as EMI filtering, which is used to suppress the outward radiations of the electromagnetic waves generated by the high-speed signal line.

PCB Organic Stripping Liquid 2018-02-06

Tag: PCB Board Stripping LiquidPCB Production

With the development of multi-functional, miniaturization and lightweight electronic products, the design of thin lines become the inevitable trend of PCB production.

Resin Plug Hole PCB 2018-02-05

Tag: Resin Plug HoleMultilayer PCB Board

In multilayer PCBs, the entire layer is directly connected to ground and power.

Energy Vehicles Surge the PCB Market 2018-02-05

Tag: PCB Board Market

Traditional cars at this stage has lower degree of electronic, less demand for PCB.

How to Reduce PCB Design Errors 2018-02-04

Tag: Printed Circuit Board Design

Printed circuit board design is a key and time-consuming task.

PCB Layers in Gerber File 2018-02-03

Tag: ​PCB DesignPCB Gerber File

Though different PCB design has various Gerber files, usually 5 different kinds of data need more attention.

Right PCB Thickness 2018-02-02

Tag: PCB Board ThicknessPCB Solder Mask

Designing a PCB is not just about converting a schematic into a physical form, it's also about PCB thickness.

OSP Process of PCB Board 2018-02-02

Tag: OSP PCB BoardPCB Industry

Organic solderability preservative, abbreviated as OSP, is known as anti-oxidants in the PCB industry.

Vias Design in High Speed PCB Board 2018-02-01

Tag: PCB Via Design

Vias in the high-speed PCB design can bring a great negative effect on the circuit design.

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