Shenzhen Changdongxin PCB Co., Ltd.

Monthly capacity:20000㎡ Staff:790

Area:6000㎡ Founded in:2007

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Company Profile
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Shenzhen Changdongxin PCB Co., Ltd.  was set up in 2007, it is a professional PCB manufacturer which specializes in manufacturing high-density Double-sided PCB, Multilayer PCB, and special material printed circuit boards, serving for both domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises and research units. Layer count covers from 2L to 20L, including normal FR4, High-Tg, heavy copper PCB, Aluminum/Metal-based PCB, Hybrid PCB and HDI etc. 

Our eternal and ultimate service aim is anxious what customers anxious, view their requirements as our requirements, and take the quality as the root and the service as orientation in the development process. We unit as one, strive together, committing to building a topping enterprise and culture. 

Why Choose CDX-PCB? 1. CDXPCB is focusing on quick turn, prototype, small-medium volume; 2. We have professional oversea team to ensure quick response for your RFQs, EQs and any complaints; 3. has online order WIP&Express inquiry by customer-self; 4. Competitive cost and on time delivery; 5. High Quality control,100% electrical and electricity performance test before shipped.

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