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PCB News

PCB Trace Current Capacity 2018-03-08

Tag: PCB Trace Capacity

In the early days the printed circuit boards were used to link the low power circuitry to compensate the high current carrying needs.

Calculate PCB Trace Current Accurately 2018-03-19

Tag: PCB Trace Capacity

One of the biggest mistakes is not to calculate or even consider the PCB trace current​ in the PCB design.

Right Trace Width for PCB Design 2017-11-03

Tag: PCB TracePCB Design

When designing single layer or multilayer PCB boards, trace width is an important factor to be considered.

PCB Trace Width 2018-02-01

Tag: PCB Board Trace WidthPCB Design

An important factor of the PCB design is the PCB trace width which needs to meet the current requirements of the circuit and accept increased PCB temperature.

PCB Trace Design 2017-10-10

Tag: PCB DesignTrace

Optimizing PCB design to meet industry standards reserves a huge place in ensuring efficiency and longevity of system.

PCB Reference Plane of Trace 2018-03-10

Tag: PCB TracePCB Designer

Many PCB designers are puzzled by the reference plane of PCB traces.

PCB Trace Carrying Capacity 2018-01-26

Tag: PCB Current Carrying Capacity

PCB current carrying capacity lacks an authoritative technical calculation methods and formulas.

How to Reduce HDI PCB Cost? 2016-12-06


It is known to all that high density interconnect or HDI circuit board design always requires a higher wiring and pad density than custom PCBs, along with smaller trace width and spacing.

Design PCB With Blind and Buried Vias 2018-02-23

Tag: PCB DesignBlind ViasBuried Vias

In high-density PCBs or complex design PCBs, the trace width and space for circuitry are tight.

A Fuse Box 2016-08-19

Tag: Fuse

... at electrical loads below the capacity of the circuit, ensuring that ...

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