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PCB News

Flexible PCB Cost Savings 2017-02-22

Tag: Flexible PCB

You may know flexible PCB can cost saving, but why?

Tips for Flexible PCB Board Design 2017-09-20

Tag: Flexible PCB Board Design

Before designing printed circuit boards, I almost unheard of flexible PCB board.

Advantages of Flexible PCB Boards 2017-09-02

Tag: Flexible PCB Boards

From cell phones to instrument panels, computer keyboards to GPS trackers, flexible printed circuit boards help run the electronics that make our lives better.

Benefits of Flexible PCB 2017-10-19

Tag: Flexible PCBPCB Design

In past few years, PCB design engineers tended to considerations and best practices for rigid PCB.

Basics of Flexible PCB Fabrication 2017-11-21

Tag: Flexible BoardPCB Fabrication

Flexible PCB fabrication is widely used in various industries and its application is still increasing.

Flexible PCBs 2017-01-10

Tag: Flexible PCB

With the usage of flexible circuit technology, printed circuit board’s performance has increased a lot, and its interconnect reliability has improved at the same time.

Flex Rigid PCB Board 2017-02-18

Tag: Flex Rigid PCB

Flex rigid PCB or rigid flex PCB is the combination of rigid and flexible PCB.

High PCB Demands led by LG New Product 2018-01-20

Tag: PCB Boards

LGD, as a pioneer, is scheduled to expand OLED production capacity, which will benefit flexible PCB factories, equipment factories, material suppliers, etc.

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards 2018-03-30

Tag: Flexible PCB

In recent years, flexible circuit boards (FPCs) have become one of the fastest growing sub-sectors in the printed circuit board industry.

Domestic Flexible Circuit Board Industry 2017-08-16

Tag: Flexible Circuit Board

With the rapid development of consumer electronic products like phones, tablet PCs wearable devices, etc., flexible printed circuit (FPC) is becoming more and more widely used, and the local FPC industry is gradually entering the outbreak period.

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