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PCB News

2018 PCB Industry Forecast 2017-12-04

Tag: PCB Industry

PCB industry really did a good job in 2017, amazing data means a prosperous market in 2018.

The Impact of PCB Industry by Discontinued PCB Suppliers 2018-01-05

Tag: PCB IndustryPCB Suppliers

In China, PCB industry center is located in the Pearl River Delta, the next is in the Yangtze River Delta.

Industrial Robots in the PCB Industry 2018-02-16

Tag: PCB IndustryPCB Industrial Robot

PCB fabrication is relatively complicated. Robots in the PCB industry mainly do the job like loading and unloading, turning, sorting, positioning, testing, etc.

5G Fosters the Development of PCB Industry 2018-01-31

Tag: PCB Board IndustryPCB Market

​With the escalating upgrade of intergenerational communication, 5G will foster a further development to PCB industry and prosper the PCB market.

Robots in PCB Industry 2016-07-25

Tag: RobotsPCBs

Industrial robots are widely used in automobile industry in the early days.

PCB Industry 2016-11-13

Tag: PCB

The challenges that PCB manufacturing faces are not new.

Key Trends in PCB Industry 2017-01-17

Tag: PCB

Thanks to the booming demand for electronic products, the printed circuit board as the basic material is facing a huge global market.

OSP Process of PCB Board 2018-02-02

Tag: OSP PCB BoardPCB Industry

Organic solderability preservative, abbreviated as OSP, is known as anti-oxidants in the PCB industry.

PCB Industrial Robots 2018-02-08

Tag: PCB Industrial RobotPCB Industry

The PCB industry is a technology-intensive, capital-intensive and labor-intensive industry.

PCB Industry Development 2018-02-08

Tag: PCB Board Industry

In 2016, the global PCB output value fell 2.02% to 54.2 billion U.S. dollars.

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