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PCB News

PCB Substrate 2017-10-25

Tag: PCB Substrate Material

With the use of components in computer and communications equipment faster and faster, the main problem comes from the availability of PCB substrate m...

Measures for PCB Substrate 1 2018-03-03

Tag: PCB BoardPCB Substrate

PCB board substrate plays really important role in ensuring the board quality.

Measures for PCB Substrate 2 2018-03-09

Tag: PCB BoardPCB Substrate

PCB MCB is mainly caused by the tiny bubbles that have not completely escaped and left on the board.

PCB Board Selection 2018-01-22

Tag: PCB Material

According to the predication of PCB industry, PCB substrate's price accounts for about 10% of total material cost

PCB Material Development 2018-02-10

Tag: PCB Board Material

Early 20th century to the late 40s is the embryonic stage of the development of PCB substrate material industry.

PCB Classification Based on Substrate Material 2017-09-19

Tag: PCB MaterialRigid PCBsFlex-Rigid PCBs

Printed circuit boards are largely used in various industries due to its ability to reduce errors associated with routing and assembly and enhance the...

Creating PCB Pattern on the Substrate 2017-12-30

Tag: PCB Pattern

Printed circuit board patterns can be created by a additive process or a subtractive process.

PCB Board 2016-06-27

Tag: PCB Board

A printed circuit board, or PCB Board, is used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways, tracks or signal traces etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate.

PCB Board Panelization 2016-07-19

Tag: Panelization

Panelization, also known as the processing of boards in an array format, keeps small boards attached to each other within a single, larger substrate.

What Factors Affect PCB Cost? 2017-03-18

Tag: PCB Cost

Factors like the substrate, layer number, surface finish, delivery time, board size, etc., can affect PCB price a lot.

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