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PCB News

PCB News

PCB Surface Finish 2016-12-15

Tag: PCBSurface Finish

PCB surface finish varies in price, availability, shelf life, reliability and assembly processing.

Surface Finish Processes of Printed Circuit Board 2018-03-27

Tag: PCB Surface Finish

​The most basic purpose of PCB surface finish is to ensure good solderability and electrical properties.

How to Choose Surface Finish 1 2017-05-08

Tag: PCB Surface Finish

There are many surface finish types to choose when designing a printed circuit board.

How to Choose Surface Finish 2 2017-11-05

Tag: Printed Circuit BoardPCB Surface Finish

There are many surface finish types to choose when designing a printed circuit board.

Reduce PCB Fabrication Cost 2 2017-10-29

Tag: PCB Fabrication CostPCB Surface Finish

The PCB is the centerpiece of a design.

PCB Immersion Gold and Au Plating Boards 2018-01-04

Tag: PCB Immersion Gold BoardPCB Au Plating BoardPCB Surface Finish

PCB boards have several surface finish technologies.

Immersion Gold PCB and PCB Gold Plating Board 2018-02-14

Tag: Immersion Gold PCB BoardPCB Gold Plating Board

PCB surface finish has several processing technologies like bare board, rosin board, OSP, tin spray, immersion gold, gold plating, etc.

Surface Mount Technology in Printed Circuit Boards 2017-02-21

Tag: Surface Mount Technology

Surface mount technology or SMT is always used in fabrication process of the printed circuit board, but what is the surface mount technology?

Surface-Mount Technology 2016-08-02

Tag: SMT

Surface-mount technology or SMT is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Surface-Mount Devices 2016-07-26

Tag: SMDs

Surface-mount devices or SMDs are used in a growing number of commercial and industrial products.

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