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PCB News

Requirements for PCB Wiring Design 2017-09-11

Tag: PCB DesignWiring

Generally, basic PCB design process follows seven steps: pre-preparation- structural design- layout- optimization and silkscreen- net check, DRC check, and structural check- board fabrication.

Width of PCB Wiring 2018-03-15

Tag: PCB Wiring Design

The layout of PCB wiring should be as short as possible, especially in high-frequency loops.

Shielding and Grounding of PCB Wiring 2018-03-18

Tag: PCB Wiring Design

The common ground of PCB wiring​ should be arranged as far as possible on the edge of the printed circuit board.

Basic Electrical Wiring and Splicing Techniques 2016-08-12

Tag: Electrical TechniquesWiringSplicing

The first step in basic electrical wiring or splicing is to turn off the power on the area where work is completed.

Electrical Wiring Types 2016-08-21

Tag: Electrical Wiring

There are five main types of electrical wiring that are commonly used.

The Basics of House Wiring 2016-09-26

Tag: House Wiring

The basics of house wiring involve creating electrical circuits that provide alternating current to outlets, fixtures and appliances.

What are the Basics of Electrical Wiring? 2016-10-05

Tag: Electrical Wiring

The basic concept of electrical wiring involves creating circuits that provide electrical power for equipment and devices.

Basic Wiring Rules 2016-12-17

Tag: Wiring

We have explained many times about how to design PCBs, but we talk little about wiring rules.

Wiring Design Specifications 2016-12-29

Tag: Wiring Design

To be a qualified staff in PCB industry, you have to learn wiring specifications well.

Printed Wiring Board Types 2017-10-19

Tag: Printed Wiring Board

In the type of printed wiring board or PWB, the image of the circuit pattern is shaped photographically on a photosensitive material like plastic film...

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