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PCB News

Choosing the Right Resistor 2016-08-04

Tag: Resistor

A resistor is a component of a circuit that resists the flow of electrical current.

Resistor 2016-09-09

Tag: Resistor

Resistors have several properties besides their rated resistance, such as their temperature coefficient, resistor noise and power rating.

How does a Shunt Resistor Work? 2016-09-23

Tag: Shunt Resistor

A shunt resistor works by measuring either direct or alternating current that flows in an electrical circuit through the voltage drop that is generated across the resistance.

Resistor Tolerance 2016-11-18

Tag: Resistor

The tolerance of a resistor is the deviation that a resistor may vary from its nominal value resistance, measured at 25°C with no load applied.

The Power Rating of a Resistor 2016-11-19

Tag: Resistor

The power rating of a resistor is the specification, meaning the maximum amount of power that a resistor can withstand.

Resistor Material 2017-09-19

Tag: ResistorPrinted Circuit Boards

The resistor is one of the basic electronic components for printed circuit boards.

PCB Resistor Damage Characteristics 2018-02-27

Tag: PCB Board Resistor

Many beginners often encounter resistor damage problems when overhauling the printed circuit board.

Soldering a Surface Mount Resistor 2016-07-26

Tag: SolderingSurface Mount Resistor

There are several ways to successfully solder SMD components on a circuit board.

Resistor Types 2016-08-01

Tag: Resistor

Resistors can be made of several different materials and methods.

What is a Pull-Up Resistor? 2016-10-06

Tag: Resistor

Let’s say you have a microcontroller unit with one pin configured as an input.

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