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PCB News

Choose A Right PCB Solder Mask Color 2018-02-15

Tag: PCB BoardSolder Mask Color

In today's PCB industry, when an industrial designer makes a beautiful appearance, a hardware engineer can choose a solder mask color for the PCB.

PCB Solder Mask Color 2017-11-18

Tag: PCB Solder Mask Color

The solder mask is a layer made of polymer material used on the PCB board to protect the copper from corrosion.

Cold Solder Joint 2016-08-15

Tag: Cold JointSolder

Cold solder means the solder is more or less in the right place.

Disturbed Solder Joint 2016-08-15

Tag: Disturbed JointSolder

What is a disturbed solder joint? This is an interesting and difficult question to answer.

Solder Starved 2016-08-16

Tag: Solder Starvation

Solder starvation occurs when adequate volumes of solder are not available to effect a perfectly-shaped solder joint.

Solder Bridge 2017-10-02

Tag: Solder Bridge

PCB bridged solder joint is formed by melting two solder joints together, forming an unintended connection between the two.

Reasons for Solder Joint Failure 2017-10-03

Tag: Solder JointPCB Soldering

There are many things that can interfere with PCB soldering process which can cause solder joint failure, but we can divide them into three main group...

Eutectic Solder 2016-10-22

Tag: Solder

Eutectic solder is a solder made of 37 percent lead and 63 percent tin and is also called 63/37 solder.

What Metals Make Up Solder? 2016-10-23

Tag: Solder

Solder can be made up of metals such as lead, tin, cadmium, bismuth or silver.

The Melting Point of Solder 2016-10-24

Tag: Solder

The melting point of solder depends on its particular formulation.

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